Queen's University of Belfast Parallel Computer Centre

Ms.L. Geoghegan

Training and Education of High Performance computing.

I am a member of the Training and Education Team in the Parallel Computer Centre and I am involved with the production and delivery of lecturing material spanning certain areas of High Performance Computing. These areas include Visualization using AVS, Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM), High Performance Networking and the Web (just for fun!).

Current projects include the production and delivery of a HPC course for Aeronautical Engineers, PVM, XPVM and what else I find to do

Information on course timetable and course content can be found by clicking here

Interests include ju-jitsu gliding, climbing, working out, debating (whether to work out or not!!) and lots of other exciting things.

Things I hate : people that don't keep appointments, standing in queues, pens that don't work and DJs that talk over the music

Things I like : not standing in queues, people that keep appointments, people that don't talk alot and anything that involves chocolate...

Email me at L.Geoghegan@qub.ac.uk with any comments on the PCC home pages.

Contact details:

      Parallel Computer Centre,
      David Bated Building, 
      The Queen's University of Belfast, 
      Belfast BT7 1NN, N.Ireland, U.K. 	
Tel: +44 - 0232 245133 Ext. 3012 

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